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Lifeway Bible Study

What does it mean to follow Jesus in a world filled with urgent physical and spiritual need? Continue wrestling and reflecting through this eight-sessions Bible study. You'll ask hard questions alongside Platt about human need, suffering, faith, the gospel, and our role on a mind-wrestling trek through the Himalayas—a life-altering journey of obedience to Christ. Engage with the study to:  

● Gain a sense of calling and purpose by considering ways God can use you to meet physical and spiritual needs. ● Observe Jesus’ response to urgent need throughout the Gospel of Luke. ● Identify ways God may be calling you to pray, go, and give for the sake of His glory among the nations. ● Discover concrete action steps for getting involved in God’s mission. ● Refuse to stand idly by while people perish without hearing the name of Jesus.

Gap Year

The Radical Gap Year exists to assist high school graduates to become fully engaged disciples of Jesus in every aspect of their life and being.

Summer Intensive

Three-to-five week on-the-ground missions engagement for college students.

Join Us for Secret Church 20

Friday | April 24 | 2020

McLean Bible Church | Washington, D.C.

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